I’ve Jailbroken my iPhone, what’s the big deal?

So you’ve jailbroken your iOS device and now you’re wondering what the big deal is. Like most good things, you’re going to have to put in some work to earn the full benefits of unshackling your device. Don’t worry, will make it as easy as possible for you with this top 10. What you need is some good sources to get the jailbreak ball rolling.

If you’re not aware, sources or “Repos” (short for repository) are additional external sources that you can use to get new apps. A great (and sometime bad) part of Cydia is that it’s open to all to share their apps through repos.

Top 10 best New Cydia repos of 2016

There is quite a plethora of sources out there for Cydia (and growing), but like the App Store, you’ll find that you have to sift through a large assortment of sources before finding quality, trustworthy repos. Some may even cause error messages to start appearing, annoyingly. No worries, we’ve done the hard work. Here’s the 10 to get you started.

FYI: Sources do effect load times on Cydia and there is a maximum capacity of sources you will hit. Choose wisely.


10) Insanelyi

Source: http://repo.insanelyi.com
If you’re looking to quickly customize the look and function of your device, Insanelyi is your new best friend.


9) HackyouriPhone

Your location for must-have tweaks like FlipControlCenter, iCleanerPro, Cydia iOS8 icon and more. The source allows you to test many popular jailbreak apps before you purchase them.

8) Sinful iPhone Repo

Really the perfect name for the source, since it’s sinfully filled with all the greatest apps for free. Again, I do not condone stealing from the developers of these great apps, but this does give you a chance to give the app a try before buying.

Sinful iPhone App

7) xSellize

Source: http://cydia.xsellize.com

What doesn’t Xsellize have. Fonts, themes, games, graphics, tones, mods and more. You can get lost in Xsellize very quickly.



6) iHackStore

Source: http://ihackstore.com/repo
More of the good stuff. Ringtones, mods, tweaks etc. If you still haven’t found a add-on you’re looking for, you’ll probably find it here.

5) HackYouriPhone

Source: http://repo.hackyouriphone.org/

Those Italians know how to put together a good repo. Find tweaks, apps and more for your iPod, iPad and iPhone here.

4) Rpetri.ch

Source: http://rpetri.ch/repo/
Ryan Petrich is the creator of many of the greatest tweaks we have today like DisplayRecorder, BrowserChooser and the afformentioned FlipControlCenter . You can find all his latest releases here at this repo.

3) ModMyi

Source: http://apt.modmyi.com (default source)

ModMyi is a veteran in the Cydia Repo game. They’ve managed to keep themselves as a default source, due to the large amount of apps they bring which are staples in the jailbreak community, still today.

2) iPhoneCake

Source: http://cydia.iphonecake.com/
Let them eat cake! If you haven’t heard of iPhone Cake, it’s the follow up to the infamous app Installous. The app is basically a collection of unlocked apps that you would otherwise need to pay for in the app store. Of course the community of Installous has shut its doors, only to be followed by AppCake which is found in the iPhoneCake repo. P.S. pay the developers when you enjoy an app.

1) PwnCenter

Source: http://apt.pwncenter.com/

Cap it all off with another huge database of customization options for your iOS. PwnCenter will keep you busy with tons of ringtones and more.

If you’re having issues with any sources, check your spelling and if it’s still not working, drop a comment and will do our best to try and help out. Also, if a source is no longer working reliably, let us know, we’re going to continue to update this list throughout 2015.