Users with Apple Developer accounts have recently been seeded a beta version of iOS 9.2, and already the question as to if Pangu will be able to jailbreak the latest iOS update has started. The good news is that the team has estimated that they will be releasing a new jailbreak prior to the end of the year. The question is, will it be a jailbreak of iOS 9.2 or an improvement on iOS 9.1’s current ‘semi-jailbreak.’

Here’s a guide through the jailbreak process.

Step 01 – Verify your iOS version

Attempting to jailbreak an iOS device on a different version then the jailbreak tool is created for, will definitely fail. Verify specifically that you are using the correct tool for the exact version you have loaded. For example, iOS 9.1.2 would not work with a tool created for 9.1.1. To verify, go to:

ios 9.2 version

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Step 02 – Backup everything

You should have a daily cloud back-up setup. If not set that up under:
Settings > iCloud > Backup. Even if you believe it is backed up, you should still double-check that it has been successfully backing up. Verify the latest backup, and manually run again if you’ve made changes since the last backup timestamp. To be safe, we’d suggest also making a back-up to your computer through iTunes, backing up photos and anything else that may not be in your cloud back-up.

iOS 9 backup

Download Pangu or other jailbreak tool

Remember, there is currently no working version for iOS 9.2, but it is very likely it will be released shortly after the Apple official release of iOS 9.2. Check here when that time comes.

Change Settings

In order for a jailbreak tool to access your device, there is a few steps that must be taken. For instance, you should not have your pin enabled during the jailbreak process, as it may cause it to fail. Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > Turn Passcode Off [toggle].

Next you will need to turn off your Find My iPhone. Don’t worry, you can turn this right back on after the jailbreak is complete. This is again, another possible cause of failure if you do not turn off Find my iPhone. In fact, most tools will not allow their script to run without it turned off.

Once your jailbreak is completed, you should have cydia on your device. If not, try, try again.