It’s 2015 – What jailbreak apps are still working, free and worth my time?

Wondering what the top free jailbreak apps are these days? New iOS7 features have brought on quite a resurgence of new tweaks and apps from the jailbreak community. From control center mods, to use of the new iPhone 5s Touch-ID feature, jailbreak apps have again given a new dimension to the iOS. Here’s our top list of useful, popular and free jailbreak tweaks from Cydia.



For some reason, it is still an issue where your iOS device will slow when running multiple applications (more ram please!). Of course, we like the multitasking abilities that come with the background tasks, but when we need to shut down 15 apps, it can be time consuming. SwitchSpring offers a free and quick solution.

To use SwitchSpring simply flick upwards the home screen when in in multitasking mode.


Virtual Home

Unfortunately, this tweak is limited to the iPhone 5s since it uses Touch ID. Tired of pushing that home button over and over? I know I am. Virtual home makes for a better experience, as you just place your finger of choice on the home button, without pushing it. You then enter the home screen with a short hold, or you can enter multitasking mode with a long hold.



Your health is important, which is why I highly advise the F.lux tweak. What it does is change the temperature slowly of the screen as you come closer to going to sleep. The reason for this is that blue lights emitted are shown to turn off your natural occurring hormone melatonin, making it harder to sleep. Solution: F.lux removes harmful blue lights.

Flux theme

FlipControlCenter or CCControl

With the addition of the control center in ios7 comes new jailbreak tweaks that allow customization. Of the options FlipControlCenter and CCControls are the best. If you’re looking for different themed visuals, check out CCControls. I personally use FlipControlCenter with the f.lux add-on to toggle flux on and off.


And still one of the best jailbreak apps today. Activator allows literally thousands of different gesture shortcuts. Want to slide your finger across the bottom of the screen to compose a quick text, or any other app? Activator can do just that.



With the birth of iCloud, I truly thought that hard drive space issues would be a thing of the past. Unfortunately it isn’t. Apple doesn’t just keep your content on a cloud like other cloud services. There’s a copy of your iCloud data locally as well. Don’t despair, iCleanerPro will help you free up space in a jiffy. Removing past install files, attachments and all kinds of other unneeded leftover files. I got back 2 gigs on the first run!



What’s the point of jailbreaking your iPhone, iPod and iPad if you’re not going to take advantage of changing out the look and feel? I’ve been enjoying the theme M’Flat myself (seen below). There’s hundreds of themes out there as well. Just make sure it’s compatible with iOS7.

MFlat theme


The fact that Apple has not developed this amazing app yet is astounding. BiteSMS makes responding to a text so much easier. No need to ever go in to the text app again, since messages pop-up wherever you are and allow you to respond. As mentioned earlier, I use BiteSMS in tandem with Activator to text with a gesture. BiteSMS is free with ads.




Just as the name implies. The app allows you to catch any dirty thief that tries to unlock your devices pin. You set the options for how many failed attempts cause a photo to be taken, which is then emailed back to you. No joke, this has saved my iPhone from being stolen when the guy realized I had a picture of him with my iPhone. Saved me a few hundred bucks. Free with limited capabilities.



Last and probably least functional (but fun), Zeppelin. A simple tweak that allows you to change the carrier name and more importantly the logo. The app has hundreds of add-ons as well, so I’m sure you’re going to find icons you like.

Zeppelin logos

Of course there is many more free and amazing apps out there, coming out daily. Feel free to let us know your favorites in the comments below. Will update the list if any become obsolete.