That didn’t take long. Just as many imagined, Cydia has taken on a new look to match the new iOS7 design. It is by no means a complete overhaul of the GUI, but it does give a new flattering “flat” look to many of the icons. To update to the new look and feel of Cydia, go ahead and fire it up and go under changes.

Cydia-ios7-changesFrom there you’re going to let it load for a minute. It did not pop-up for me at first, so I had to swipe to get it loading again. That time it popped up with the update message. Go ahead and do the full update if you have a good internet connection.

Your iOS device will respring and when it’s done you can go ahead and see the changes to Cydia’s GUI. As mentioned before, it’s not all changed. The homepage looks the same, but you will see a big difference in the icons when browsing.

Cydia-ios7The new flat design is not bad. Under sections you’ll notice have numbers on the icons, making navigation that much better.

Cydia-ios7-sectionGo ahead and explore around and let us know any changes you find. Hopefully we see the update of mobile substrate in order to fix many of the popular apps that are currently unsupported on iOS7. Personally, I’m looking forward to the run of SBSettings, Zephyr and a stable version of Activator. Let us know your favorite jailbreak apps as well in the comments.