Jailbreak iOS 8 on iPhone 6, 6 Plus and iPad


So you’re looking to jailbreak iOS 8 (8.1 – 8.1.2) on your iPhone or iPad. The process is very simple, as you will see in our tutorial below, however there is some limitations you should be aware of when jailbreaking.


TaiG Jailbreak works with 8.1.2

If you are on firmware version iOS 8.1.2, you will be required to use TaiG to jailbreak your device. You should know that TaiG is limited to only a Windows version at this time. Mac users are able to use methods such as virtualized Windows. For virtualization we recommend Parallels Desktop or the free software Virtual Box. Otherwise, if you are on firmware iOS 8.1 or below, you will be able to use the PanGu jailbreak with Mac or Windows.

You can check your iOS version by going to Settings > General > About > Version.


Prep to Jailbreak iOS 8

For this guide we will use TaiG, as most users will be on the current iOS. First, go over to Taig.com/en/ and download the latest version. 

You will also want to do an iCloud back-up and or an iTunes sync back-up, just in case things get messy. If you’ve downloaded your firmware update through over-the-air (OTA) wireless updating, there is a risk of crash.

Because of this reason, you should download your version of the firmware (ipsw) as back-up. You may continue on with your jailbreak during the download as it may take some time.

If you downloaded the update through iTunes, skip ahead.


iOS 8.1.2 Firmware



Note: I personally did update the iPhone 6 to 8.1.2 with OTA, but was able to jailbreak without restoring my ipsw over iTunes.


Now to get started

Now with that out of the way, you will need to turn off your Passcode and Find My iPhone. Don’t worry, this is only temporary. You can turn them on after the jailbreak process is finished.

Passcode: Settings > Passcode > Turn Passcode Off
Find my iPhone: Settings > iCloud > Find my iPhone

Not required, but it has been reported that going in to airplane mode has increased success rates on OTA firmwares. Do so now if you’d like. This can be reached by swiping your finger up from the dock and choosing the airplane icon.

Now we are ready to start. Plug in your iPhone to the computer and extract the TaiG file from the zip file and run the TaiGJBreak_EN_xxxx.exe file.

ios8 jailbreak TaiG

You should see a screen like this. Cydia is the important package you need to welcome you to the jailbreak world. The 3K ‘assistant’ add-on however is not and has even been reported to cause issues. We recommend un-ticking 3k. With that done, feel free to hit start and watch the magic.

The process should not take more than 5 minutes, varying by your device. Older devices will take longer to load. After some rebooting, you should now have a new brown Cydia app on your springboard. Enter the app and enjoy your jailbreak.

For a guide on jailbreak apps and tweaks to get started with, check out our Top 10 Cydia apps and tweaks article.


If Jailbreak Failed

If there was an error with your jailbreak, you are going to need to load up iTunes and restore your device using your ipsw file that we recommended you downloading earlier in the tutorial. You can do this by starting iTunes and holding shift (or command on Mac) and clicking restore. You would then choose the downloaded ipsw.

Once the restore to factory is complete, try the process again before restoring your back-up. Feel free to comment below with any questions or concerns and we will be happy to help.


iPhone 6 photos leaked?

Check them out below. Known past apple leaker Sonny Dickson recently tweeted pics of what are allegedly leaked iPhone 6 pics.

When news came out that the iPhone 6 had been leaked online, many were quick to assume it real. Unfortunately, we live in a day and age where technology can make counter-fitting a image with simple software. It seems that’s the case this time around as well. A purported iPhone 6 was shown in multiple angles, sporting the new larger, rumored 4.8 screen as well as a much thinner bezel. You can see the similarity of the device to the Samsung Galaxy phone and or an iPad bezel.










It didn’t take long to disprove as a Reddit user quickly found the matching spots cloned on the screen. Check it out below.

The Pros and Cons of Jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad

Should I Jailbreak my iPhone?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably considering if you should join the hundreds of thousands of iPhone, iPad and iPod users that jailbreak their iOS device every year. The answer to “should I jailbreak my iPhone (or iPad)” is not a simple yes or no. As you’ll find below, there are numerous factors to consider when deciding. Lets begin.

What is Jailbreaking?

It’s not just a buzzword thrown around. Jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad is a huge change. Essentially what you are doing is changing the permissions of the iOS root folder to allow access to you and developers. Once that is opened up, any software, good or bad can now be uploaded to your device without Apple’s approval process.


Is it illegal?

Simple answer. No. Not at all. We get asked this constantly and it’s always been the same. It is NOT illegal to jailbreak your device(s). Think of it this way. Is it illegal to customize a car you fully own? Nope. The only time it gets questionable is [dt_tooltip title=”Unlocking”]Unlocking: To change the carrier used on the iPhone.[/dt_tooltip] your device, which is whole other topic.

Now, there is more potential for someone looking to do something illegal to do so — like say download an app without purchasing it, but I wouldn’t say that jailbreaking is created for stealing, as you’ll find in our benefits to jailbreaking below.


Benefits of Jailbreaking

Freedom: Now that you have “rooted” your device, you can now go ahead and start downloading thousands of new apps, tweaks, functions and more to further improve your experience. Thanks the the simplicity of the Cydia community, you don’t need to be a tech wiz to get started either.


Customization:0bscure-7-black-white Customizing your iOS is a big allure for jailbreaking. Simply download a jailbreak app named springboard and you’re able to practically change every aspect of the interface. Icons, text, default graphics, layout positioning, etc. The community has released some of the most gorgeous themes. I mean don’t get me wrong, stock iOS7 looks great, but the power of custom themes blow away the stock look. Besides, it’s nice to refresh the look time to time.


New functionality: With a jailbreak you can do things with your device you never even imagined. Change up default toggles in the control panel. Free up memory with the flick of the screen. Text seamlessly from any app. Make gesture shortcuts for anything. And the list goes on and on. It truly makes life easier for me when I add these ”tweaks.”


Tweaks: Usually a modification to the stock functionality, or even a add-on. For instance, I’ve tweaked my lock screen to give me pertinent information such as weather, rss feeds, calendar. I’ve also tweaked the lock to take a picture of anyone that attempts to steal my iPhone by typing in incorrect pins.


Security/Stability: This is double edged sword. With trustworthy tweaks you have the ability to further secure your iOS. Use different lock methods on different apps. Add a firewall or proxy (advanced stuff). Make a more stable environment by downloading a app to monitor resources and kill what you don’t need. Delete cache and left behind ipsw which can potentially free up a few gigs, as it did for me. Will talk about the bad side of this later on.

Issues with Jailbreaking

Piracy: With the power of jailbreaking comes the flood of pirated apps. This is more harmful to the developers, which is the bloodline to the iPhone and iPad. Developers lose money as jailbreaking makes it possible to download nearly every app from the App Store without paying the developer a penny. Last thing we want to do is deter developers from creating more great apps.

dfu-restore-mode-iphone-5s-gold-250x250Void of warranty:That may sound scary, but remember, a jailbreak is only a software modification. Software can always be removed. So technically, if your device ever did need to go in to the Genius Bar, you’d need to take precaution and restore your iOS device to remove the jailbreak. More of a hassle in my opinion.


Untrustworthy sources: With the removal of Apple’s approval system, any hacker can now upload a malicious app on the Cydia community. Of course these are usually reported and removed quickly, but you don’t want to be the first to step on a land mine. I can tell you from experience that downloading one bad app can brick your device, causing the need for a full restore. Not faun process.


Unable to update: Once you’re on the dark side you can expect a lengthy wait before you’re able to take advantage of newer Apple iOS updates. You can always just update and lose your jailbreak, but you’d be advised to just do a full restore to ensure stability.

Security/Stability: You may have noticed this listed on benefits. As I said it can be a double edged sword. If you download an untrustworthy app, you can open yourselves to all kinds of exploits. I can not speak from experience on data being stolen on an iOS jailbreak app, but the potential is there. More likely you would download unstable apps which brick your device or slow it tremendously. You’d simply uninstall the bad app or worse, you’ll need to restore your device.

So, should I jailbreak?

Well, I’ve provided the pros and cons of jailbreaking for you to make the decision for yourself. If you’re intelligently researching your apps before you download, you should be fine. If you know you’re not the most technical savvy person and you don’t want to be restoring your iPhone every once and awhile (it is a hassle) then maybe you’re better off staying away. Let us know anything we missed in the comments below. Also, let us know your experience, good or bad with jailbreaking.

iPhone 6 screens verified to use Sapphire Glass

Apple is continuing to innovate. With every generation of the iPhone line the consumer gets faster, lighter, sleeker and stronger versions of the device. The upcoming iPhone 6 will be no different. Despite stronger screen materials being created, a top problem among mobile users is still screen cracks. To address the issue, Apple has taken to testing Sapphire screens for their new models, as verified today by Apple CEO Tim Cook during a interview snippet preview for tonight’s (Jan. 24, 2014) special one on one on ABC. Current models use a strong anodized aluminum, with inlays of ceramic glass, trademarked as Gorilla Glass by Corning.

The reports have spurned question as to how Sapphire would stand against the current Apple supplier with their newly releases Gorilla Glass 3 earlier this month. According to Corning, their product is not only better at protecting from a shattered screen, but it also less likely to scratch than sapphire. The company has even taken to releasing an educational webpage on the differences [link].

Recently, speculation has arisen that manufactured sapphire crystal might become an alternative to Corning’s Gorilla Glass, but according to James R. Steiner, senior vice president and general manager of Corning’s Specialty Materials segment, Corning’s not too worried:

“Sapphire’s performance as a cover for high-end watches probably leads to the current speculation. But those covers are much smaller than a mobile phone and are two to three times thicker than Gorilla Glass. In one of our commonly accepted strength tests, sapphire breaks more easily than Gorilla Glass after the same simulated use. Additionally, sapphire’s cost and environmental hit are huge issues.”

Despite the comments, reports have come out that Apple has filed the patent for a sapphire iPhone screen. It has also come out that Apple has struck a deal with GT Advances, a sapphire production facility in Mesa, Arizona. The company has been said to already be gearing up for increased material supplies. Also recently seen making large investments is Apple’s current sapphire cutters at Synopsys and Bern Optics who have made large investments in cutting machines. Further verifying the change is a report coming out of Apple’s main suppliers at FoxConn, who have claimed to have already started retrofitting models for testing purposes.

With all reports of Apple finalizing the iPhone 6, it’s likely they’d turn back now.

iPhone 6 Specs said to be Finalized (Hardware Details)

Made up nonsense or truly an inside source? you be the judge.

It’s that time of year (basically the first six months of every year) when rumors fly wildly on the upcoming iPhone release. Usually the rumors are taken with a grain of salt, however considering the source is rather reputable, this particular rumor carries some weight. Renowned investor analyst Timothy Arcuri of Cowen and Company has released details of “locked down specs” on the new iPhone 6, expected in September. Cowen analytically cites Apple’s supply chains as his source to the claims.


Most intriguing of the specs is the growth screen size. [dt_highlight color=”yellow”]The new screen is a 4.8-inch form factor[/dt_highlight]. The size would speed Apple up to current standard smartphone sizes, just short of the popular competitors like the Galaxy S4 (5-inch) and Note (5.3-inch).

That’s not the only detail shared. According to Arcuri, we can expect the iPhone 6 to sport a new 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity which integrates well with Apple’s newly released Airport Extreme 802.11ac and Time Capsule routers. Current iPhone 5s models use the older 802.11n Wi-Fi connectivity. The change is estimated to be 2.5x faster as 802.11n average 450 Mbps, versus the new 1300 Mbps 802.11ac speeds.

Aside from hardware tweaks and design changes, Arcuri also said that Apple is planning “key software innovations” with the next major release of its iOS platform.

He expects the company will leverage iBeacon, Touch ID and Passbook as part of a push into new services with mobile payments. – Apple Insider

That news is bigger than you may think at first glance. If you’re not aware of the potential of iBeacon, it is an alternative to near-field communication (NFC) which can communicate within a close proximity with devices without much power consumption. As market trends have shown, near field communication is set to be the next big tech in the home. Imagine being able to control your whole home remotely. We are already seeing the popularity of devices like Nest’s (now acquired by Google) thermostat and fire alarm, making follow ups inevitable.

Touch ID and the slowly growing Passport abilities are also expected to become the “next big thing,” despite a rocky start. Popularity of Passport has only lately come into use with things  like purchases of airplane tickets, and retail stores as consumer confidence rises.

Last morsel of information given is that even with the success of the lower-end iPhone 5c, Apple will not be looking to release a economical version of the iPhone 6.

Wrap-up of iPhone 6 Specs:

  • New 4.8-inch screen
  • New 2.5x faster 80211ac Wi-Fi with new Airport integration
  • Expansion of iBeacon (NFC alternative)
  • Continued push of Touch ID integration
  • discontinue of low-end 5c type device

Top Free Jailbreak Apps for iOS8 in 2015

It’s 2015 – What jailbreak apps are still working, free and worth my time?

Wondering what the top free jailbreak apps are these days? New iOS7 features have brought on quite a resurgence of new tweaks and apps from the jailbreak community. From control center mods, to use of the new iPhone 5s Touch-ID feature, jailbreak apps have again given a new dimension to the iOS. Here’s our top list of useful, popular and free jailbreak tweaks from Cydia.



For some reason, it is still an issue where your iOS device will slow when running multiple applications (more ram please!). Of course, we like the multitasking abilities that come with the background tasks, but when we need to shut down 15 apps, it can be time consuming. SwitchSpring offers a free and quick solution.

To use SwitchSpring simply flick upwards the home screen when in in multitasking mode.


Virtual Home

Unfortunately, this tweak is limited to the iPhone 5s since it uses Touch ID. Tired of pushing that home button over and over? I know I am. Virtual home makes for a better experience, as you just place your finger of choice on the home button, without pushing it. You then enter the home screen with a short hold, or you can enter multitasking mode with a long hold.



Your health is important, which is why I highly advise the F.lux tweak. What it does is change the temperature slowly of the screen as you come closer to going to sleep. The reason for this is that blue lights emitted are shown to turn off your natural occurring hormone melatonin, making it harder to sleep. Solution: F.lux removes harmful blue lights.

Flux theme

FlipControlCenter or CCControl

With the addition of the control center in ios7 comes new jailbreak tweaks that allow customization. Of the options FlipControlCenter and CCControls are the best. If you’re looking for different themed visuals, check out CCControls. I personally use FlipControlCenter with the f.lux add-on to toggle flux on and off.


And still one of the best jailbreak apps today. Activator allows literally thousands of different gesture shortcuts. Want to slide your finger across the bottom of the screen to compose a quick text, or any other app? Activator can do just that.



With the birth of iCloud, I truly thought that hard drive space issues would be a thing of the past. Unfortunately it isn’t. Apple doesn’t just keep your content on a cloud like other cloud services. There’s a copy of your iCloud data locally as well. Don’t despair, iCleanerPro will help you free up space in a jiffy. Removing past install files, attachments and all kinds of other unneeded leftover files. I got back 2 gigs on the first run!



What’s the point of jailbreaking your iPhone, iPod and iPad if you’re not going to take advantage of changing out the look and feel? I’ve been enjoying the theme M’Flat myself (seen below). There’s hundreds of themes out there as well. Just make sure it’s compatible with iOS7.

MFlat theme


The fact that Apple has not developed this amazing app yet is astounding. BiteSMS makes responding to a text so much easier. No need to ever go in to the text app again, since messages pop-up wherever you are and allow you to respond. As mentioned earlier, I use BiteSMS in tandem with Activator to text with a gesture. BiteSMS is free with ads.




Just as the name implies. The app allows you to catch any dirty thief that tries to unlock your devices pin. You set the options for how many failed attempts cause a photo to be taken, which is then emailed back to you. No joke, this has saved my iPhone from being stolen when the guy realized I had a picture of him with my iPhone. Saved me a few hundred bucks. Free with limited capabilities.



Last and probably least functional (but fun), Zeppelin. A simple tweak that allows you to change the carrier name and more importantly the logo. The app has hundreds of add-ons as well, so I’m sure you’re going to find icons you like.

Zeppelin logos

Of course there is many more free and amazing apps out there, coming out daily. Feel free to let us know your favorites in the comments below. Will update the list if any become obsolete.

Top 10 Cydia Sources of 2015 for iOS8

I’ve Jailbroken my iPhone, what’s the big deal?

So you’ve jailbroken your iOS device and now you’re wondering what the big deal is. Like most good things, you’re going to have to put in some work to earn the full benefits of unshackling your device. Don’t worry, will make it as easy as possible for you with this top 10. What you need is some good sources to get the jailbreak ball rolling.

[dt_call_to_action style=”1″ background=”plain” content_size=”normal” text_align=”left” animation=”none” line=”true”]If you’re not aware, sources or “Repos” (short for repository) are additional external sources that you can use to get new apps. A great (and sometime bad) part of Cydia is that it’s open to all to share their apps through repos. [/dt_call_to_action]

Top 10 New Cydia Sources of 2015

There is quite a plethora of sources out there for Cydia (and growing), but like the App Store, you’ll find that you have to sift through a large assortment of sources before finding quality, trustworthy repos. Some may even cause error messages to start appearing, annoyingly. No worries, we’ve done the hard work. Here’s the 10 to get you started.

FYI: Sources do effect load times on Cydia and there is a maximum capacity of sources you will hit. Choose wisely.


10) Insanelyi

Source: [dt_highlight color=”yellow”]http://repo.insanelyi.com[/dt_highlight]
If you’re looking to quickly customize the look and function of your device, Insanelyi is your new best friend.


9) HackyouriPhone

Source:[dt_highlight color=”yellow”]http://repo.hackyouriphone.org[/dt_highlight]
Your location for must-have tweaks like FlipControlCenter, iCleanerPro, Cydia iOS8 icon and more. The source allows you to test many popular jailbreak apps before you purchase them.

8) Sinful iPhone Repo

Source:[dt_highlight color=”yellow”]http://www.sinfuliphonerepo.com[/dt_highlight]
Really the perfect name for the source, since it’s sinfully filled with all the greatest apps for free. Again, I do not condone stealing from the developers of these great apps, but this does give you a chance to give the app a try before buying.

Sinful iPhone App

7) xSellize

Source: [dt_highlight color=”yellow”]http://cydia.xsellize.com[/dt_highlight]

What doesn’t Xsellize have. Fonts, themes, games, graphics, tones, mods and more. You can get lost in Xsellize very quickly.



6) iHackStore

Source: [dt_highlight color=”yellow”]http://ihackstore.com/repo[/dt_highlight]
More of the good stuff. Ringtones, mods, tweaks etc. If you still haven’t found a add-on you’re looking for, you’ll probably find it here.

5) HackYouriPhone

Source: [dt_highlight color=”yellow”]http://repo.hackyouriphone.org/‎[/dt_highlight]

Those Italians know how to put together a good repo. Find tweaks, apps and more for your iPod, iPad and iPhone here.

4) Rpetri.ch

Source: [dt_highlight color=”yellow”]http://rpetri.ch/repo/[/dt_highlight]
Ryan Petrich is the creator of many of the greatest tweaks we have today like DisplayRecorder, BrowserChooser and the afformentioned FlipControlCenter . You can find all his latest releases here at this repo.

3) ModMyi

Source: [dt_highlight color=”yellow”]http://apt.modmyi.com[/dt_highlight] (default source)

ModMyi is a veteran in the Cydia Repo game. They’ve managed to keep themselves as a default source, due to the large amount of apps they bring which are staples in the jailbreak community, still today.

2) iPhoneCake

Source: [dt_highlight color=”yellow”]http://cydia.iphonecake.com/[/dt_highlight]
Let them eat cake! If you haven’t heard of iPhone Cake, it’s the follow up to the infamous app Installous. The app is basically a collection of unlocked apps that you would otherwise need to pay for in the app store. Of course the community of Installous has shut its doors, only to be followed by AppCake which is found in the iPhoneCake repo. P.S. pay the developers when you enjoy an app.

1) PwnCenter

Source: [dt_highlight color=”yellow”]http://apt.pwncenter.com/[/dt_highlight]

Cap it all off with another huge database of customization options for your iOS. PwnCenter will keep you busy with tons of ringtones and more.

If you’re having issues with any sources, check your spelling and if it’s still not working, drop a comment and will do our best to try and help out. Also, if a source is no longer working reliably, let us know, we’re going to continue to update this list throughout 2015.

Cydia gets iOS7 look in new update

That didn’t take long. Just as many imagined, Cydia has taken on a new look to match the new iOS7 design. It is by no means a complete overhaul of the GUI, but it does give a new flattering “flat” look to many of the icons. To update to the new look and feel of Cydia, go ahead and fire it up and go under changes.

Cydia-ios7-changesFrom there you’re going to let it load for a minute. It did not pop-up for me at first, so I had to swipe to get it loading again. That time it popped up with the update message. Go ahead and do the full update if you have a good internet connection.

Your iOS device will respring and when it’s done you can go ahead and see the changes to Cydia’s GUI. As mentioned before, it’s not all changed. The homepage looks the same, but you will see a big difference in the icons when browsing.

Cydia-ios7The new flat design is not bad. Under sections you’ll notice have numbers on the icons, making navigation that much better.

Cydia-ios7-sectionGo ahead and explore around and let us know any changes you find. Hopefully we see the update of mobile substrate in order to fix many of the popular apps that are currently unsupported on iOS7. Personally, I’m looking forward to the run of SBSettings, Zephyr and a stable version of Activator. Let us know your favorite jailbreak apps as well in the comments.

How to Fix iOS7 Jailbreak loop

We feel your pain. If you were like many that were quick to attempt to jailbreak your iOS device with the new Evad3rs jailbreak “Evasi0n,” only to have your device on an infinite loop like it was Apple’s address, worry no more. The guys over at Evad3rs have clarified that if you (like most people) did your software updates over-the-air (OTA), aka wirelessly updated, then that’s most likely the reason your jailbreak failed.

“Over The Air updates of iOS 7 are known to create an issue and make the jailbreak fail. Some devices are then stuck on the Apple Boot Logo. Until we fix that, please restore your device to 7.0.4. with iTunes first.”

So here’s the steps to get you back on track.

1) Put your iPhone or iPad in to restore mode by holding Your home button and Power button for 10 seconds. Followed by releasing the power button WHILE continuing to hold the home button for another 8 seconds. You should then see a iTunes logo with a cable pointing to it.

iphone recovery mode

2) Plug-in your device as the icon suggests. Go ahead and start up iTunes. Hopefully you did a recent back-up as we suggested. You will need to follow the directions on iTunes to either restore to your back-up or to a blank new restore.

iPhone Restoring

3) Allow the restore to complete. This may take awhile depending on the size of your back-up and your internet speed… Go grab some popcorn. It took me about 30 minutes with 5 kbps down. The download of 7.0.4 was the longest process.

4) Once the process is done you will be back in your iOS device. If you’re not soured on the jailbreak process by now, go ahead and follow our steps to jailbreak iOS7.

That worked for us, and it should for you as well. If not, drop us a line and we can help you look in to the issue further. Now that you’re jail-broken, you’re going to find that many of the jailbreak apps need to be fixed to be compatible with iOS7. Don’t worry, there’s a few gems out there like Flu.x, Activator, MyWi and Appcake which we highly recommend to download in order to hold you over until you get the others back.

TetherMe now Compatible with iOS7 and iPhone 5s/iPad devices

The wait is over. When we received the power of jailbreak back to our iOS devices, thanks to Evasion’s release (jailbreak guide here), many of us were disappointed in the lack of support. Especially for A7 devices, such as the iPhone 5s, which is in need of a stable Mobile Substrate. Regardless of the status, we now have a huge step in the right direction, as the power of tethering returns! So if you want to get back to sharing your iPhone or iPad’s cellular data with other devices (such as your laptop or tablet) here’s your chance!

According to the developer’s FAQ, AT&T is the only carrier that has been able to block TetherMe, but I can assure you that it works on my AT&T service.

Fair warning: Reports have come in that some mobile carriers are tracking high use of tethering  and are charging the cost of buying their tethering service. I’ve never personally felt this with AT&T. I’d say to keep your tethering to a minimum (No torrenting Forrest Gump) and you should be fine. 

Here’s how to get TetherMe

Of course, you’re going to need to be jailbroken to get into Cydia. Once in Cydia you’re going to search for TetherMe. It should pop up from your default cydia sources. Find it and you’ll notice the price of $4.99 for the licensing, which isn’t bad when compared to the expensive cost of carrier tethering and the competitor MyWi for $19.99.

Once purchased you’ll see the option to enable your tethering under your iOS settings. There will not be an app. Here’s what you should see:

Go ahead and click on the TetherMe icon on and start setting up your options for your new personal hotspot. You’ll have the option to name the broadcast ID and your password. Of course you also have the option to use Bluetooth, or USB, but I can’t vouch for the quality through those means.